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Meeting 2021-08-01
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Time and location

1230 at the Sanctuary




  • Welcome to @Lilith and @maclean!
  • Previous collaborators (@Grace and @alita) are moving their items out of the Sanctuary this week.
  • @Emily is planning to move in next month, in September, after her van is repaired.


  • Personal check-in
  • Adding any agenda items not already listed
  • Status of Residential Agreement / Land Lease agreement (especially in regards to @Lilith moving in)
  • Fantasy Festival Event debrief and follow-up
  • Update of announcements and history of project, including prior meetings such as Meeting 2020-10-17.
  • Next steps:
    • Resolution of the earthmoving dispute (having the earthmover come back out and fix the dam)
    • Non-profit organisation set-up
    • Getting a shipping container moved in for storage purposes
    • Preparing for @Emily's arrival (create task)
  • Everything workboard

Notes from the discussion

The following has been scribed by @Timotheos as detailing some of the important points of discussions from the meetings:

Collaborator's Agreement

  • @maclean suggested that the document does not have a stated purpose, and that it would be ideal to take a step back in regards to this
    • determine why the document exists:
      • whose interests are being addressed
      • what is the intention of having a collaborator's agreement
    • rough answers to those questions were briefly put forth by @Timotheos
      • collaboration exists with the Sanctuary project for mutual benefit, so the arrangement should be made to state that benefit, including linking to the Sanctuary's statement of mission
      • agreeing upon and sharing the processes to get to those goals of mutual benefit
      • learning from previous misunderstandings with previous collaborators and avoiding grievances
  • @maclean introduced the legal concept of "heads of agreement", which is a pre-agreement document to be signed before drafting up the full version of the agreement. It was suggested that it would be wise to sign these sorts of documents to start with, while the collaborator's agreement and residential agreement are being finalised.


  • sign Heads of Agreement with Lily, then draft Residential Agreement with Lily, then consult with Peter, then take it to a solicitor for final checking
  • go through the Collaborator's Agreement with Peter, then consult with Lily, then take it to a solicitor for final checking

Non-profit organisation set-up

This also follows on from @maclean's email, dated today (2021-08-01), entitled "zoom".
The goal is to create a broad and encompassing mission statement to describe the aims of the NGO so that many future and unforeseen collaborations can take place and still occur within the stated mission goals (i.e. the mission goals are not too restrictive or limiting).
This allows the possibility of compartmentalisation (e.g. residents might not share the same interests as ecosystem regenerators) which would be ideal so organisation is not too complex.

Creating the mission statement and founding document for the NGO / trust involves

  • analysing what it is that we're trying to achieve
  • stating a clear aim of organisation
  • considering wording that aligns with the wording of what relevant governmental grants are looking for
  • a mission statement covering the whole property, or likely multiple properties in the network, perhaps including some possible land uses? (@Timotheos has written some of these down in a personal profile and can copy those out as a starting point)

Shipping container

Next meetings

  • It was decided that Sundays make a good regular meeting time, roughly at the same start time as this meeting
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