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Meeting 2021-09-06
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Time and location

1230 at the Sanctuary




  • Personal check-in
  • Adding any agenda items not already listed
  • Celebrating any victories with completed tasks since last meeting
  • Project status update including reviewing the overall workboard
    • The overall workboard is very busy. Should we have project coordinators and smaller workboards that they manage? For example, @Lilith might best manage the Lily Pad project. What sort of roles in the community do people want to have, so they have direction and feel like they are contributing something unique? Then, each meeting, they can report on their project status?
  • Follow-up on previous meeting notes Meeting 2021-08-22
  • Status of Residential Agreement / Land Lease agreement (especially in regards to @Lilith moving in)
  • Update on refinancing of Firestone Sanctuary property
  • Frog hotel project
  • Update on activities of Lot 1 neighbours / Jacinta
  • Calendar sharing with FamilyWall (as an interim: might be better to find something else?)
  • Contact from Ahmed Al-Mulla of Forage Foundation who is interested in natural building :)
  • Update on Lara's Conestoga Hut project (Jarred, Seb and Kyle are keen to be involved with this)
  • Setting up the charitable trust for the Sanctuary
  • Update on refinance
  • Dylan moving into the Sanctuary with his tiny home on the Festival Flat
    • Updates from the new Sanctuary residents chat on Messenger
  • Water tanks for water on the lower shed, for both Dylan and Emily
  • Potentially getting water collection from the upper shed roof?
  • The September community gathering:
  • Setting up a community directory and mailing list

Notes from the discussion

  • @Timotheos will text the neighbours.
  • @Timotheos will organise an appropriate time for facilitation of discussions, with Peter conference calling in, during September community gathering event.
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