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Meeting 2021-10-25
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Time and location

1230 at the Sanctuary


  • @Timotheos
  • @Emily
  • @maclean (via video conferencing)
  • @seth (via video conferencing)
  • @Ahmed (via video conferencing)
  • @Grete (via video conferencing)
  • @Owen (via voice conferencing)
  • @Lara (via voice conferencing, very briefly)


  • Personal check-in
  • Updates from @Dylan about moving in next week (who sent apologies for not attending, along with updates)
  • Updates from the recent work bee: it was a success, people were very happy, Festival Flat plants seem to be doing well in recent rains, except that bandicoot has eaten some banana plants
  • Setting up a pump for watering the plants from the dam: @Dylan had suggested the Grundfos 454 due to its build quality and power to pump uphill
  • Status on setting up Firestone Sanctuary Incorporated - application submitted today!
  • Summary of the recent PlatypusWatch Moreton Bay Region Community Program event which @Timotheos and @Emily attended
  • Next work bee and appointing an organiser, so that it isn't always @Timotheos
  • Discussion of the planned Solstice event
  • @maclean expects to arrive at the Sanctuary on the 17th December

Notes from the discussion

  • @Timotheos will do a post on the #pineapple-shed-repair project channel on Discord about the Pineapple Shed repair project intentions, so that the work bee organiser knows what to organise
  • @Lara seemed happy to organise the next work bee
  • @maclean will work with @Timotheos about getting liability insurance for the property / events
  • @Timotheos will create an event page (perhaps both on Phabricator and Facebook) for the Solstice and send out invitations soon. We should invite many of the local friends of Dayboro, including local wildlife carers (e.g. Kelly from down the road that we met at the Platypus event) and citizen scientists
  • Windmill pumps would be something to look into later
  • Citizen science is a focus of Firestone Sanctuary, and we should look into further collaboration with various conservation groups about mapping the areas for various life
  • Drone / timelapse footage of the Festival Flat planting would be ideal
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