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GIS and Data Collection
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A page to discuss plans for mapping and data collection, including small sensors that are permanently located on the property, or large scale data collection.

Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) will be used for mapping data points.

Climate data collection

Advice from Jesse:

Temperature sensors in multiple locations would be a good start. That way you can explore the property's microclimates at different locations.
A single larger weather station would also be handy - one that measures rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure etc.

In terms of large-scale, less frequent data collection, if you have access to a commercial drone you could collect:

  • Lidar data, to create a more accurate topographic map of the property, and to measure foliage density
  • Multispectral imagery - by measuring infrared light that's reflected from plants you can infer their moisture content and health

Biodiversity data collection

Wildlife "audio traps" e.g. Audiomoths
Wildlife "camera traps"

Soil health data collection

Moisture tests
Acidity tests
Nitrogen and other nutrient tests

Greenhouse emissions and carbon sequestration tests

Measuring carbon content in soils
Measuring tree carbon

Existing Geospatial Information System (GIS) data

This Google Drive folder contains:

  • Several map PDFs
  • a 7zip archive containing QIGS files

Extract the archive and open the .qgs file in QGIS. It should load the other layers and style them.

The layers are:

  • DCDB Extract: Property boundaries
  • Contours: 1m contours, derived from lidar data. They're circa 2007-8
  • DEM: Digital Elevation Model. A raster image, where the pixel value indicates the height above sea level. The actual image is greyscale, it's just been styled as green-brown in the map
  • Hillshade: Shows the topography
  • Slope: How flat or steeply sloped the terrain is
  • Aspect: Whether a slope is facing north (red), east (yellow), south (green), or west (purple)
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