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Pallet deck
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pallet platform is a deck made of recycled pallets, it is to ensure that the tent does not sit on the soil and has a stable platform. it seemed like the most appropriate way to have flooring solution. i was pursuing a builder or handyman to build it so that i could watch it being done and had the benefit of the observation so i could easily replicate a professional approach, and educate [...] followers in the approach.
i do not wish to use new wood, nor do i wish to use concrete as a base, it seemed like the lowest impact, the easiest diy solution and could be replicated should you like to pursue "glamping" eco tourism, this is a perfect solution.

Further suggestions and brainstormed ideas:

  • The pallet deck being made to extend partly across the dam so it is also like a jetty, also maximising space and making a lovely feature (and minimising erosion by humans to the interface of dam water and shore).
  • Buried wood leads to rot and termites, so it may be that the stumps are metal, as per newer Queenslander-style houses (and the cottage). Perhaps metal stumps might be anchored into the ground using any surplus Earth Friendly Concrete still in the mixer after they've poured the shed pad. This would not be visible but would add to the longevity of the pallet deck
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