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Eric the Mower
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Eric the Mower is the 1978 Briggs and Stratton push-mower.

Usage recommendations

Eric the Mower runs very well, but can be difficult to start.

Starting the mower

  • Always check oil levels using the oil dip stick, and top up with SAE-30 mower engine oil
  • Remove the air filter and spray engine starter to start
  • Don't overfill the fuel tank with fuel, or it can choke up
  • Start with the throttle on maximum speed

Running the mower

  • Always have the throttle on the maximum setting or it can cut out (the throttle lever being forward)
  • There are very large clumps of grass at the Sanctuary that can catch the blades and stall the mower if the operator just pushes straight over it. Listen to the sound of the engine, and, if it sounds like it's about to stall, simply tilt the mower to lift the blades off the clump of grass. This will cause the blades to spin again and the mower won't stall, so the grass can be attacked with a second pass
  • The mower doesn't turn off easily (the off circuit isn't correctly set up): prepare a clump of grass for the mower to stall on, if you want to turn it off before it runs out of fuel. There's certainly enough grass at the Sanctuary to deliberately stall the mower on!
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