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Rover the ride-on mower
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Rover is the ride-on mower usually stored in the upper shed. Kindly donated by James Daley :)

Servicing Rover

The preferred mechanic for Rover is Doug at Greayside Mechanical and Fabrication nearby in Whiteside.

Transporting Rover

A single person can transport Rover using The Gorgon when the canopy is removed.

There are wooden pallets associated with the Gorgon (either stored inside the Gorgon tray, or otherwise in the Upper Shed), with flat tops and two wooden rails at the bottom, which can be used as a ramp.

Park the Gorgon next to the concrete water tank of the The Cottage, with the rear of the Gorgon's tray towards the driveway ramp, then lay the pallet between them and then roll the Rover onto the back tray.

Use ratchet straps (kept inside the Gorgon) to keep the Rover secured to the back.

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